Dental Plasma Brush Painlessly Cleans out Cavities

Dental Plasma Brush Painlessly Cleans out Cavities

by GENE OSTROVSKY on Dec 21, 2011 • 12:22 pm


A team of researchers from University of Missouri, University of Tennessee, and Nanova, Inc (Columbia, MO) have been working on a new dental “plasma brush” for cleaning out cavities and preparing teeth for fillings. The device uses “cool” plasma to affect chemical reactions while remaining painless to the patient.

So far laboratory trials haven’t revealed any side effects, except that fillings tend to be 60% stronger when applied in conjunction with plasma therapy. Human clinical trials are expected to begin early next year and if everything goes well we may see this technology in dental offices by 2013.

“Painless ” Plasma Brush Is Becoming Realistic In Dentistry, MU Engineers Say from MU News Bureau on Vimeo.



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